Roxby Mill

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My second abandoned mill of the day, in a beautiful but I imagine rarely visited setting. The walls of the buildings are still standing to a fair height and a set of steps is very prominent.

Roxby Mill Roxby Mill Roxby Mill

The mill is located next to an impressive waterfall.

Waterfall near Roxby Mill Waterfall near Roxby Mill

I cannot find any old images of mill, although it was painted by John Syer in the 1800s

3 thoughts on “Roxby Mill

  1. Went over on Sunday afternoon. Beautiful spot and easy to find. Surprised it’s not more well known but kind of glad that it isn’t. Keep up the good work.

  2. This was a site that I frequently visited in my childhood (1960s/70s) as my grandparents lived in Ridge House (previously called Park View) just down the road from the lane end. We used to move stones in the stream just above the mill and build small dams etc. The area in and directly around the mill was usually inaccessable due to boggy land and mud well trampled by cattle.
    My grandparents told me of the woman who lived in their cottage who committed suicide by throwing herself off the top of the waterfall to be dashed on the rocks below. This unhappy spirit was said to haunt the cottage as my grandmother would often hear weeping and frequently saw a feint image of a woman walking in the rose garden. Their dog also sensed this and would franticaly try to escape from the back room by clawing at the door.
    Despite all of this I remember many happy holidays at the cottage and surrounding area.

  3. Hi. Do u have a reference for the painting of Roxby Mill at all? I’ve tried Google but it’s abit of a minefield. Thank you x

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