5 thoughts on “Newham Bridge / Devils Bridge – Acklam, Middlesbrough

  1. That cloven hoof was there in the 80’s and 90’s we had several school trips to the spot.
    I will check when I am next there.

  2. The cloven Hoof Mark is found underneath the bridge but to see it you need to be stood in the water and its warn away to look like a large thumb print now and while I was in a school near there in the early 90’s we were told it was called Devils bridge as it is now known as the Devils thumb print.

  3. I’ve seen the hoof shaped carving/indent on the underside of the bridge. However I did also hear of a landowner in Saxon times named Aefel who lived in the area. Theory goes that when the Normans took control it was common for them to place a D in front of names and so Aefel’s land became D’Aefel’s land and the bridge leading to his land became known as D’Aefel’s Bridge, and overtime this has changed to Devil’s Bridge.

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