Hempsyke Font near Whitby

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This natural spring is found just by the side of the road and features a lions head and the remains of a chain where a cup has been attached.
Hempsyke Font near Whitby
There are a number of plaques with some unusual inscriptions.

Hempsyke Font near Whitby
Man made the trough
The water God bestows
Then praise his name
From whom the blessing flows

John Allan
Hempsyke 1856

Hempsyke Font near Whitby
Weary stranger here you see
An emblem of true charity
Richly my bounty I bestow
Made by a kindly hand to flow
And I have fresh supplies from heaven
For every cup of water given

John Allan
Hempsyke 1858

Hempsyke Font near Whitby
The stream is pure as if from heaven it ran
And while I praise the Lord I’ll thank the man
Tramp 1864

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