Sadberge Glacial Boulder

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This rock was deposited by a glacier and discovered 12 feet below the surface when a nearby reservoir was being constructed
Sadberge Glacial Boulder
It was placed in the village to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria on 20th June 1887, by William Alexander Wooler (1831-91) of Sadberge HallĀ Sadberge Glacial Boulder

As pointed out below by Helen, the reservoir in question is the small one to the west of the village, rather than the large one at Long Newton

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  1. Hi there,

    I drive through Sadberge every day on my commute to Darlington from Billingham. The link to the reservoir photo’s look more like the one further down the A66 (towards Stockton), there’s a smaller reservoir that is now empty just outside Sadberge. Can’t find any info online about it, but you can see it on Google Maps, maybe that’s the one the pulled the boulder from?

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