Grangetown Ghostsign, Pratts Petrol

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I took this photo last summer, but never posted it as I couldn’t figure out any of the text.
Grangetown Ghostsign
Drove past the same location today to find the wall repainted and the sign lost. Does anyone know what it said ?

UPDATE : I think Bruce is right about Pratts looking at this logo.

I can also make out ‘GH TEST’ as above after that hint.

5 thoughts on “Grangetown Ghostsign, Pratts Petrol

  1. I think bits of it are: the 2 logos might be ‘Pratts’ who were I think a petrol company and some of the words below seem to say’cheaper than ????? petrol’

  2. Have looked for their adverts on Google image search and it looks like it must say “cheaper than ordinary petrol”

  3. Sorry, I can’t ‘Paste’ a picture but there is a ‘High Test’ Pratts can, with a transfer, which would date to about 1930.
    So glad you could photo the wall before the 21st. Century wiped it out. That’s progress !!

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