2 thoughts on “Port Clarence Signal Box

  1. Sad pictures Chris. Im not sure when the box closed as a signalbox,possibly in the late 60’s or early 70’s but the ground floor which was formaly the locking room was used as a chargemans office/messroom until the mid 90’s

  2. This is Port Clarence Bell Bank Sidings Sgnal Box, Port Clarence box was situated 2 – 300 yards further up the line where the short branch to the Station started, (you can see this branch from the foot tunnel, the station approach bridge is slightly lower than the main line bridge. I believe it closed as a signal box in the late 60,s but the bottom part was used for Yard staff untill recently wheen some Yobs broke in and set the place on fire. Indees the Buildings were so fortified that it took the Fire brigade a long time to gain access to put out the fire, resulting in it being gutted like this.

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