Kirkleatham Hall, Kitchen Garden

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The are many stages to this wall, built to surround the kitchen gardens of Kirkleatham Hall, some dates from the 17th Century.
Kirkleatham Kitchen GardensKirk 015
Kirkleatham Kitchen Gardens
I recall this being a council garden centre in 1980s when I was a child but its since become overgrown, although there was some activity in the buildings at the back, suggesting something is happening.
Kirkleatham Kitchen Gardens

3 thoughts on “Kirkleatham Hall, Kitchen Garden

  1. when I was young it was a fully functioning ‘gardens’ with resident family in the now demolished house. I used to go from my Grandmother’s at the Alms Houses to buy her eggs and vegetables.

  2. There used to be a riding school there, in the 1970s, the owners lived in the house, which leaked and was falling to bits even then. Used to go there every Saturday. This posted by Christine Clark X

  3. I am one of the original gardeners who worked on the walled garden in the mid 1970s, i am now 75 and volunteer at Westfield Farm Tenant Resource Centre, Dormanstown, TS10 5NA. as head gardener. i would love to see some old photos of the place as it was, also we have a group of volunteers who i am training and would really enjoy getting involved if you would like our help please contact me on 07872899905

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