Tuxedo Royale, Middlebrough

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TSS Dover was a cross channel car ferry built by Swan Hunter on the Tyne in 1965. In 1977 she was renamed the Earl Siward and in 1982 the Sol Express based in Cyprus.
Tuxedo Royale (sinking)
Most people however know her under her last rename as the floating nightclub Tuxedo Royale.
Tuxedo Royale (sinking)
The nightclub operated in Middlesbrough between 2000 and 2006 before being forced out for the Middlehaven development (which is barely much further on 6 years later)
After a spell at Able UK ship-breakers near the Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station she is now back at their site on the banks of the Tees, listing.

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  1. My Dad remembers the Earl Siward as a cross channel ferry and there’s a pretty good chance I travelled on her when I was a nipper. I certainly remember the Sealink ferries of the time being pretty shoddy and very uncomfortable in high seas. When the Spirit class were introduced by Townsend Thoresen they were the boats you wanted to be on.

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