2012 Heritage Open Days

There are a large amount of events this weekend allowing visits to sites that are not usually open to the public.  http://www.heritageopendays.org.uk/

A few examples :-

Loftus Town Hall, one of the oldest in the region. Open day with self-guided building tour, display featuring industrial and working-life heritage of the area (alum, ironstone mining, stonemasonry etc). Saturday 8th September: 1000-1600

Middlesbrough Town Hall Tour, Take this rare opportunity for a guided tour around Middlesbrough’s Town Hall. The tour will include the chance to see the council chamber, civic portraits and civic silver, as well as the Victorian concert Hall with its rich history of architecture and performances.  Thursday 6th September: 1030-1200

PD Ports Open Day, A rare opportunity to take a look at the interior of this beautiful Edwardian building. Look around the board room of PD Ports in Queens Square.Friday 7th September: Tour 1100

5 thoughts on “2012 Heritage Open Days

  1. I did an IT Contract for PD Ports about 8 years ago when the IT department was in the atticks at the old building. It’s a great building. Apart from the boardroom it has a vaulted cellar and several huge Strongrooms with steel doors about a foot thick. We used one to store backup tapes.

  2. Loftus Town Hall has a big display of old plaques of former Council Chairman and – a lot more importantly to me – an illuminated board of people whose families benefited from a local charity (the Foresters) and which gives ages of death (and some real old un’s are featured against the conventional wisdom that Victorian people died early) This board was rescued by local Councillor Eric Jackson who deserves a round of applause for this.

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