Mohawk Indian Moses Carpenters Grave

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Moses Carpenters real name was Ska-Run-Ya-Te, he was a Canadian Mohawk Indian who came to Middlesbrough in 1889. The traveling company who offered ‘miracle cures’ was lead by Sequah (who was actually an Englishman named William Hannaway Rowe). This picture is thought to show Ska-Run-Ya-Te stood next to a seated Sequah.
Moses Carpenter
The show was in Middlesbrough for three weeks with twice daily shows selling cures such as Prairie Flower and Sequahs Oil.
Moses was taken ill in Middlesbrough and died on 15th August 1889, it is said that 12,000 – 15,000 lined the route of funeral to pay their respects.
Moses Carpenter, Linthorpe Cemetery
The grave is still decorated to this day with feathers and flowers.
Moses Carpenter, Linthorpe Cemetery

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