Westerdale Hall

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Pevsner states that Westerdale Hall was built as a shooting lodge for the Duncombe family before 1874 by Thomas Henry Wyatt, well before because the first edition OS map from 1857 shows it.
It became a Youth Hostel between1946-1992, heres a photo of my mum there in the early 1960s
Westerdale Hall Early 60s
The building is now in private ownership again.
Westerdale Hall

8 thoughts on “Westerdale Hall

  1. I seem to think that when I was involved in the YHA, there was some kind of walk or trail between the three ‘W’ hostels in our area, namely Whithby, Westerdale and Wheeldale(?).

    • My sister and I stayed at these three hostels with our parents in approx 1969-70. I still have the YHA badges for Westerdale and Wheeldale. Not sure why i dont have one for Whitby. Perhaps one wasn’t available.

  2. Re Mrs Allen comment:
    Welcome to Youth Hosteling Mrs Allen.
    Me and my friends of the time stayed regularly at Westerdale during 1957 / 58 / 59 / 60 when if we were lucky the temperature was just above freezing during the middle of summer !!
    Dormitory No 9 ( men’s dorm with the occasional female for warmth if there was a shortage of blankets ) had a small pane of glass missing from the window, never replaced.
    We loved every visit.

  3. My childhood freedom was found here in the early to mid 1970s. Regular YHA escapes with friends when I was aged 11 to 15yrs was spent cycling to and staying at the magical Westerdale Hall.
    It was a childs adventure, a place of escape through beautiful, breathtaking countryside in winter or summer during holidays and stolen weekends. I loved Westerdale Hall and I left a piece of my heart there. Sadly since it has become a private residence I have been unable to go back to try and find it.
    Neil Hamilton Middlesbrough

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  5. This was my mum’s (Gwynneth Jones) haunt in the late 50’s/early 1960s, folk music played and sung and lots of walking. She passed away this week and I’ve dug out the old westerdale photos – would love to share here if there is a way…?

  6. I had a memorable stay at Westerdale during the mid/late 70’s. The sight of the ‘single gentleman’ walker’s ‘jock-strap’ hanging from the upper bunk will always stay with me! As a teenager, I couldn’t begin to imagine the necessity of such an item to aid moorside hiking! Still can’t!

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