Westerdale Filter House

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This strongly built building first appears on maps some time between the late 1950s and early 1970s.
Westerdale Filter House
Westerdale Filter House
That co-incides with the reservoir to the south-east being built.
The building currently appears completely empty and unused and would make a fantastic coversion into a home before it deteriorates any futher. (currently only swallows living in there)
Westerdale Waterworks

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  1. There is much more to this building which is now largely decommissioned by Yorkshire Water however there are tanks and equipment immediately outside.
    Water used to be drawn from three or more inlets at the head of Westerdale and pumped *away* from here to top up the system elsewhere.
    As recently as mid 1980s there was substantial investment to install automated filtration and filter cleaning – which was previously done manually.
    Probably mid 1990s everything changed as it was thought abstracting so much water was having a detrimental effect on th eupper Esk.
    The pumping from here stopped and the pipe flow was reversed with Westerdale village supply now probably originating as far away as the intake just upstream from Ruswarp Dam.
    Various parts of the inlet system and pipework are still in situ though rapidly deteriorating through action of weather.

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