The Redcar Rollercoaster

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An amusement park opened in Redcar in 1924 on a 15 year lease. The park contained a large covered skating rink, ‘Hilarity Hall’, ‘Noahs Ark’ and  ‘River Caves’


The big attraction was a wooden rollercoaster called the ‘Giant Racer’ (called a ‘scenic railway’ on the OS map)

Redcar Racer

Aerial photos fortunately exist too of the Giant Racer and River Caves rides.


This film footage of the Giant Racer and River Caves rides also exists.

The site closed in 1938 when the lease ran out, and was used for building Sandringham and Buckingham Road. The Giant Racer was disassembled and moved to Sheerness, although its life there was cut short by the outbreak of war, the site later became Butlins in 1945.

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