Royal Visit to Lackenby Steel Plant, 4th June 1956

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I’ve recently moved offices and now see this plaque marking a Royal visit to Dorman Longs Steel Plant.
Lackenby Royal Visit, 1956
A case below carries the following plaque.
Lackenby Royal Visit, 1956
Inside the case is a fading signature from the day.
Lackenby Royal Visit, 1956
With this photo also on display.
Lackenby Royal Visit, 1956
This location is inside the current steelworks, so cannot be visited by the public.

2 thoughts on “Royal Visit to Lackenby Steel Plant, 4th June 1956

  1. Interesting to see that they ran a passenger train into Lackenby, and also it’s not the royal train it appears to be made up of ex LMS stock and mk1s

  2. Wonder where they accessed the internal line from on the main line ? I always thought the one I knew (via the Cleveland works coke ovens) only dated from the time the BOS / Concast opened ?

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