3 thoughts on “Dorman Museum Guide 1959

  1. Once again, thanks Chris for sharing these pictures. I remember it as though it was yesterday. As a lad I recall being fascinated and a little scared by the lion eating the zebra as you walked into the front door and running upstairs to the living bees display fixed to the window. Sadly all gone now (I wonder if any of the exhibits are in storage somewhere). I recall excitedly (about 25 yrs ago) taking my two sons to see them and telling them about the lion and the hundreds of wildlife displays only to be disappointed to find they had been removed. Please keep posting

  2. The room of birds is still as it always was, there are a few of the original animals in the entrance now, you can see a snippet of them above the people heads here, I think its the same lion third from the left, just stood on a rock now rather than a zebra.


  3. A great piece of nostalgia, does anyone remember the huge “banana spider” that was found when unloading bananas at the docks ?

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