Skinningrove Co-Op

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Only a couple of tiny fragments of Skinningrove Co-Op now remain, a tiled doorstep and the very edge of the facade.

Skinningrove Co-op
Tiled doorstep
Skinningrove Co-op
Edge of window arch and tiles wall

It appears the shop was built in 1900 if this news report from the Northern Echo as this news report must refer to them :-

Historic photo of the building from East Cleveland Image Archive

The site stood derelict for over 15 years and was subject to legal dispute with an absentee landlord, falling into disrepair until it was finally demolished in 2015.

Site in disrepair in 2011
A brick with what appears to be an 1897 inscription was recovered from the demolition, this seems to predate the 1900 date of opening, but the build may have taken some time ?

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