Saltburn Mortuary

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Got the rare opportunity to see inside this normally locked building as part of Heritage Open Days.
Saltburn Mortuary Heritage Open Day
The mortuary was built in 1881, bodies lost at sea tended to arrive here due to prevailing currents and it was still in use in the 1960s
Saltburn Mortuary Heritage Open Day
There was the opportunity to try out the slab, but I declined.
Saltburn Mortuary Heritage Open Day

UPDATE: As of 2012 this building is up for sale.

4 thoughts on “Saltburn Mortuary

  1. My father worked at Saltburn Salerooms. As a child I used to spend a lot of time on the Pier with the mortuary keeper ( a Mr Barber ). He told me many tales about recovering bodies around Hunt Cliff. This inspired me to go on to work in a mortuary. I ended up as Superintendent to the Royal Coroner at Southwark ( London ), and spent 13 happy years working alongside the Scotland Yard Murder Squad. All thanks to Saltburn Mortuary.

    I lived in Teesside and went to Fyling Hall School.


    Peter Everett

  2. I was interested to read of your Satburn memories and have in my possession a poem written by a good friend of mine. He was stumped for a title and imagined that there may have been a local nickname for “The Place” Unfortunately nothing was discovered; so.”The Place” it became.

    He was intrigued by the Saltburn mortuary, the sight of wich inspired his imagination his; he has lived and worked for many years in the area and on retirement toojk up writing.

    You may be interested to read – – – an email from you will suffice for reply.

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