4 thoughts on “The Royal Exchange, Middlesbrough

  1. Are you sure you’re Google Map reference is right? From the Lost Teesside Page it seems the Exchange was down near Middlesbrough Station and near Albert Road. The Map page you have attaced to this picture is on the A1085 which goes out towards Coatham. I am too young to know where the Exchange actually was but I like to picture these things in my minds eye and the A66 slammed through a lot of Thornaby and M’bro that I never saw. Could you check? Of course if I am wrong I apologise. I don’t want to sound critical as I think both these sites are fantastic.

  2. You’re right that the actual Royal Exchange location is under the A66 in Middlesbrough.
    The place i’ve marked on the map is the location of the pictured stonework, now outside Corus offices.


  3. I guessed that was what you had done after I’d posted. Thanks for the map above. It’s pretty snazzy. Is there a site you can go to to get comparable maps like that one for other places? Thanks.

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