Wilton Woods, Auxiliary Unit OB

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The Auxiliary Units were to be Britains own resistance should a German invasion have been successful.

Their existance was top secret and only acknowledged by the government in the 1990s.

Little remains of this local “OB” or Operational Base except a few depressions in the ground which become covered in wild garlic most of the year,

Wilton Woods Auxiliary Unit OB 5 Wilton Woods Auxiliary Unit OB 4 Wilton Woods Auxiliary Unit OB 3 Wilton Woods Auxiliary Unit OB 1

There is an excellent diagram by David Waller that lets you relate to what’s still visible.


Its most easily located by walking to the end of the promentary above where two stream meet.


3 thoughts on “Wilton Woods, Auxiliary Unit OB

  1. does anyone know if there is still access to the underground hideout or has it been filled in ive tryed to find this area but no joy i belive there is a strange line marking on a tree next to the hideout to tell the people who know what there looking for ie army guys to the unit but i cant find it any ideas anyone?

  2. What I can tell you about Wilton woods OB was that my late Grandfather, Thomas Guest, was in charge of this detachment, in the early days of the war until he was severely disabled carrying out war works.
    I have his badge and when the were not on the hills their meeting place was the basement in an old bank which was located opposite Lannys ice cream parlour on end of Bolckow Road \ Lee Road

  3. The OB in Wilton woods ,the roof caved in after a storm .The metal from the bunker was salvaged and used on a building at the top of Lovell Hill field next to the Wilton Lane.The Caddys at Lovell Hill farm cottage saw the bunker been dug but did not know what it was to be for But there were two pathes one on each side of the bunker from where you could have seen the work going on .There was another small bunker on the wilton side of the creek more like a OP I,d say .I will be in the UK this Oct so maybe I,ll go and have a look .
    Peter Caddy

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