Aysdalegate Ironstone Mine

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The shaft at Aysdalegate was sunk some time around 1868, with the mine operating until 1880. A branch of the railway ran in front of the buildings to allow loading.

The mine buildings have since been converted into residental houses, although the small central window in the last house shows this was once a winding house.

Aysdalegate Buildings Aysdalegate Winding House

A capped shaft acts as roundabout in front of the winding house.

Aysdalegate Shaft 


7 thoughts on “Aysdalegate Ironstone Mine

  1. Up until fairly recently, the history of ironstone mining in this area was shown in great detail at the Margrove Park centre. However I believe the displays have now been changed. There are still leaflets and books available however.

  2. I was just five years old when the trucks arrived and knocked down the high walls to the circular walls to the vent shaft that now loos like a roundabout. Gosh thats 40 years ago….

    I lived in No. 9 Aysdale Gate, one of my bedrooms faced the shaft. I watched the council knock the walls down, the bricks falling inside and wow was it deep, it took for ages to hear the bricks reach the bottom.
    I remember we jumped and throw stones and branches over the top, after they put plywood and steel mesh and then mixed concrete and covered the hole. It was a long time before any of us were brave to walk across it in fear that it may collapse and we would fall inside. Has it ever been renovated and or restored?

    There are a few more in the mines just a few fields in front of the Aysdale Gate Farm.

    I have a picture somewhere of the shaft before it was knocked down.
    Interesting yes!

  3. I read in a book somewhere that before the shaft was permanently capped and sealed, someone took the opportunity to dump an old caravan down it!

  4. I have no 3 aysdalegate. We left after 12yr due to employment changes we rented the property out and now are after 25yr of owning the property we are now going back for pur retirement it’s a beautiful place it’s our home

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