Gaytress Quarry Cementstone Mine

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As with the nearby cementstone mine at Kettleness, these are also positioned at the top of a quarry just below the sandstone cap, making for a pretty tricky scramble.

Gaytress Quarry Cement Mine Gaytress Quarry Cement Mine 

Three adjacent entrances can be found, all appear to have suffered collapses from the loose shale roof so exploration isn’t the best idea.

The leftmost tunnel slopes steeply downwards, i’m unsure if they were built dug this way or whether its just successive heaped up roof collapses leading down to the level of the original drift.

Gaytress Quarry Cement Mine Gaytress Quarry Cement Mine Gaytress Quarry Cement Mine

Access to the central tunnel is tighter, although a similar flat area at the bottom of the slope could be seen when I stuck the camera over the top.

 Gaytress Quarry Cement Mine  Gaytress Quarry Cement Mine

 The rightmost entrance has totally collapsed and only a small gap is left.

Gaytress Quarry Cement Mine 

Another entrance is visible high on a ledge to the north, but access to that looks to be virtually impossible without climbing gear.

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