Teesaurus Park

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Teesaurus Park is one of those places that many locals don’t even know exists. First opened in 1979 with the Teessaurus a triceratops by Genevieve Glatt, fabricated by Harts of Stockton at a cost of £16,000.

Teesaurus ParkTeesaurus Park

The two babies and other sculptures were added in 1987.
Teesaurus Park

The T-Rex
Teesaurus ParkTeesaurus Park

I think this is a bronotsaurus in the bushes.
Teesaurus Park Teesaurus Park

If you want to split hairs the mammoth came about 65 million years after the dinosaurs.

Teesaurus Park Teesaurus Park

The cheerful brachiasaurus

Teesaurus Park Teesaurus Park

The stegosaurus

Teesaurus Park Teesaurus Park

The sculptures were built by workers on the government Youth and Employment Training Scheme, its a shame the council can’t see their way to giving them all a lick of paint a bit more often.

Update : December 2011 – Made some corrections to the chronology of the sculptures, I had previously said the T-Rex was first which is incorrect, Teesaurus came first !

Update : December 2012 -Sadly Teesaurus Park is under threat as its a ‘non-strategic asset’ for the Council. A Facebook group also exists.

13 thoughts on “Teesaurus Park

  1. Glad to see you’re not dead – the whole collapsed mine thing had crossed my mind. I’ve always wondered about the reasons behind Teesaurus Park – what were the council trying to say erecting dinosaurs on the site of the old steelworks?

  2. Good to see Teesaurus park again. I assume the pictures of the dinosaurs eating Phil and/or Rich will follow later?

  3. Took my grandchildren to see the dinosaurs today and they loved them…shame i hadnt known of the existance of Teesaurus Park unbil i was told by a friend on Friday !!

  4. Lived in Teesside all my life. Why did I not know of this when my children were small. Going to take my grand kids a.s.a.p. Council should be ashamed of themselves for not promoting this.

    • Likewise, have lived in Teesside all my life and have never heard of it til now. I have a six year old who is nuts about dinosaurs, we WILL be visiting this summer! It should DEFINITELY be better publicised.

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  6. I lived Over the Border until I was 18 (in 2004). I went there most days to draw but my best memory of it was in 1993/94 my class from St. Christophers (formally St. Marys) went there to plant trees behind the Brach… I’m sure It was either front page or a full page of the Gazette. I was sat on the Triceratops head 😀

  7. Been ther today & wow how did I not know this… kids loves it & will be going back.. lovey walk round & along the riverside

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