Electric Sub-station Wilton Lane (demolished September 2008).

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This substation building was built in 1914 next to the tramway between the Eston and Chaloner ironstone mines and was one of the few standing remains left from the Eston mines.

Wilton Lane Substation

Although you’ll not see it any more as it was apparently demolished in the last couple of days.

6 thoughts on “Electric Sub-station Wilton Lane (demolished September 2008).

  1. This building, so I believe, used to power part of the surface tramway mentioned in my last post. It had been demolished when I went to the area last week so we are lucky to have a photograph on here.

  2. I was only there a couple of weeks ago, i was tempted to try and get a look inside if i could.

    Who ever is responsible for its demolition needs a good hard slap.

  3. I suppose it is only a matter of time before other industrial remnants, such as the Lazenby fan house for example, are demolished and cleared…all in the name of health and safety!

  4. What will (thankfully) save the Lazenby fan house is the heavy nature of it’s construction. To demolition and remove it would be an enormous job which the average contractor would charge tens of thousands for!

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