Bronze Relief Map of New Marske

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The piece is called “Over There” by Rupert Clamp

New Marske Sculpture

It supposed to show the position of 11 plaques telling stories from the village, but I’m wondering if they have worn off.

The lines of terraces at the top right are the original streets relating to the Upleatham Ironstone mine which was at the top of Pontac Road.

3 thoughts on “Bronze Relief Map of New Marske

  1. I know Rupert Clamp, a bit. He was friends with my friend Ste’s brother, David. He had an escort van I think. Nice bloke. Quite quiet.

    This is an excellent comment. I am good at commenting.

  2. Hi
    I was fascinated when I read your description a few months back. I’d been to find ‘Over There’ and taken a photo which I posted on my facebook page ‘Art Seen’. Your description gives more information than I had been able to find elsewhere and I had determined to go back and try to find the plaques. When I’d studied my photo closely I had detected what looked lioke two small crosses and I fanally managed to get back there today to see if the crosses were significant.

    Looking at the relief map again I found a total of six crosses. Then I walked the village for the rest of the afternoon. Two of the crosses led me to locations where there are plaques with short historical accounts. I found a third in a location that I am sure is not marked by a cross on the map. The other four crosses drew blanks – but I guess that the plaques may well have been removed.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Great site!

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