Ayton Banks Ironstone Mine

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Ayton Banks was mined by three different companies between 1909 and 1929, it was a small royalty entirely enclosed within Ayton Monument mine.
The most obvious remains are the numerous shale heaps, some with ironwork on top probably from aerial ropeways.

Ayton Banks Ironstone Mine

A number of building remains and foundation can be spotted in the dense undergrowth

Ayton Banks Ironstone Mine Ayton Banks Ironstone Mine  Ayton Banks Ironstone Mine

A very small length of drift is visible at the bottom of a large collapse, but its tricky to reach and also flooded.

Ayton Banks Ironstone Mine

About 100m to the south of the drift, iron stained water can be seen emerging from what was presumably a drainage level, this appears to be lined with corrugated iron sheets which have collapsed a few feet in, water can again be seen at the bottom of that collapse.

Ayton Banks Ironstone Mine  Ayton Banks Ironstone Mine

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  1. A few years ago I managed to find Richard Pepper’s ‘Mineral tramways of Great Ayton’ in a Covent Garden bookshop, which was a snip at only £4! It covers a great deal of the history and present day remains of Ayton Banks and is recommended.

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