Eston Nab – Iron Age Hill-fort and Napoleonic Beacon

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The remain of earthworks surrounding the Iron Age Fort are still very prominent on the ground.


Tees Archaeology have produced an excellent leaflet on the subject here.
Eston Nab Ironage Hill Fort Eston Nab Ironage Hill Fort

The Napoleonic Beacon was built in 1808 as part of a chain to warn of attack.

The actual watchtower appears to have been built and little later around 1819/1820 (thanks to Joan for the additional information), that later became a private residence and was inhabited up until the 1950s.


It was demolised in 1956 and ICI erected the current monument.
Eston Nab Eston Nab Eston Nab

The view from the top is still spectacular

Eston Nab

3 thoughts on “Eston Nab – Iron Age Hill-fort and Napoleonic Beacon

  1. Thanks for all your work on Eston Hills. The area must be saved for future generations. Please contact ‘Save Eston Hills’ on facebook.

    Your group can save the area.
    Best regards,

  2. My Great Grandmother used to live at the Nab Tower, which was also used as a beacon during the war. My mother now in the 80’s has photographs of the tower before ICI demolished it and built the current one.

  3. Born and lived in Grangetown, near Bolkow Road, for 21 years. Went to the Nab and played around the top of the hills countless times in the mid fifties and early sixties. I knew the terrain there like the back of my hand.

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