Duck Bridge – Danby

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Duck Bridge was originally known as Danby Castle Bridge (the remains of which are 500m away)

Duck Bridge Duck Bridge Duck Bridge

It is probably medieval in original and was rebuilt in 1717 by George Duck of Danby. It was possible to drive across until a ford was built a few years ago.

Duck Bridge  Duck Bridge

The Neville Coat of Arms can be seen on the parapet, and a set of stepping stones run beside the bridge.

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  1. We visited Danby Castle on a walk last year. Luckily the owner/current tenant spotted our interest and took us for a mini-tour, which was very good of him. Apparently the rents for the various properties/fields are collected on a special day each year or so, when a special meeting is held in the committee room of the castle! All very traditional and extremely interesting.

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