St Germains Church, Captain Cooks Fathers Grave

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Only the tower of St Germains remains, built in 1160. The church was rebuilt in 1821 but again demolished in 1950 with exception of the Tower.

St Germains Church, Marske St Germains Church, Marske

Captain Cooks father is buried here, he died in 1779 six weeks after Cook himself, although never knew his sons death.

Captain Cooks Fathers Grave - St Germains Church 

The current headstone is erected in the memory of James Robinson who was lost as sea in 1904. The grave is also reputed to have been visited by Charles Dickens.

7 thoughts on “St Germains Church, Captain Cooks Fathers Grave

  1. My mum took me many years ago down here and also showed me a gravestone which shows the eroded remains of a skull and crossbones. It’s interesting that it faces the opposite direction to the rest of the stones and is known as a pirate’s gravestone. Whether this is the case or not, I’m not sure. Might go and have a look at some point over Christmas to see if it’s still there. Great website by the way, keep up the good work.

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  3. The church was demolished because the main body of the church was in disrepair. It was demolished long after the present church was built. It was used for many years to hold evensong in the summer months. As a boy I sang in the choir there in a gallery at the back of the church which was even then falling to pieces. Yes the tower was left as it appears on shipping maps as a reference point

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