Arrival of Clemenceau on the Tees

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The 265m long French aircraft carrier Clemenceau arrived on the Tees on Sunday 8th Feburary 2009, drawing a very large crowd at South Gare.

Clemenceau arrives in Teesside 

It was towed from Brest by the tug Anglian Earl which moved it into position to be dismantled by Able UK on the North bank if the Tees.

Clemenceau arrives in Teesside Clemenceau arrives in Teesside

Clemenceau arrives in Teesside  Clemenceau arrives in Teesside 

2 thoughts on “Arrival of Clemenceau on the Tees

  1. I think Able UK should be congratulated for bringing such valuable work to our area, especially in the current climate…..

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