Old Middlebrough Town Hall

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Designed by William Lambie Moffatt and opened in 1846 the original town hall has been boarded up and neglected for years, but at least its not gone like everything else in the area. The new town hall was not completed until 1889.

Old Middlesbrough Town Hall Old Middlesbrough Town Hall

Old Middlesbrough Town Hall Old Middlesbrough Town Hall

It was here that Gladstone declared Middlesbrough “an infant hercules”. It also features in a 1959 painting by L S Lowry along with the demolished St Hildas Church




6 thoughts on “Old Middlebrough Town Hall

  1. i remember this when i was small aged 5.it also used to be library. i used to get book from it.to read mainly look at the pictures.miss them times.

  2. i was born in st hildas.next to library there used be health clinic back in 1977.i remeber old st hildas school.used go there when was small.my 1st school.old Griffiths shop,bike shop next door too.am going back whole lot years now.ive got one picture of st hildas school.way it was.framed.my family left back in 1980s.they were the good old days.

  3. St Hildas Old Town Hall used to house a Library and I worked there briefly in 1992 on a couple of shifts. You could tell that it had once been a splendid building but a mixture of council neglect and local vandalism had put paid to that. The locals used the place as a Community Centre/Doss house and the atmosphere was terrible. The main disadvantage of chucking out unruly children was then being bombarded with rocks while we left the building at closing time. And people think that Librarians have it easy!

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