Coatham Grammar School, Redcar

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Sir William Turners school stood here from 1869 to 1963

Coatham Grammar School

Who knows what inspired the demolition of this attractive building to be replaced with the current Redcar library ‘shed’

Update August 2011 : The Library is currently being demolished, perhaps this plaque will reappear on the replacement building ?

2 thoughts on “Coatham Grammar School, Redcar

  1. Actually i quite like the Redcar Library building. It is, i understand, one of the few local modern buildings favourably cited in Pevsner’s Buildings of the UK

  2. And now the “Shed” Library has gone they are busy building a large public indoor swimming pool on the site. (in 2013) One original school building remains that of the Assembly Hall which is not on the photo above.

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