Bolckow and Vaughans Graves, St Cuthberts, Marton

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Despite being two of the founding fathers of Middlesbrough, the graves had fallen into disrepair until they were recently refurbished

John Vaughans Grave, St Cuthberts Marton Henry Bolckows Grave, St Cuthberts Marton

Bolckow died in Ramsgate on 18th June 1878, 10,000 people attended his funeral, said to be one fifth of the population of Middlesbrough.
Henry Bolckows Grave, St Cuthberts Marton St Cuthberts Marton
Vaughan died in London on 16th September 1868

A plaque to Vaughan who died on 16 September 1868 was found under a bush 20 years ago, this is also going to be put back on display

Update 28/11/11
A diagram of the plaque is now attached to the grave plot.
John Vaughan Family Vault

8 thoughts on “Bolckow and Vaughans Graves, St Cuthberts, Marton

  1. Oh, and coming back on the first query, John Vaughan did have a son, but I think that Bolckow died childless (altho married twice)

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  3. According to my research, Bolckow had no issue of his two marriages. His heir, nephew Carl Bolckow, had descendants including males with the name Bolckow who may be living today.
    John Vaughan had one surviving son from his first marriage, Thomas Vaughan, who had two daughters. One daughter had two sons who were killed in action in WWI without issue. The other daughter married, in 1880, and I cannot find her after the 1881 census. On the face of it, it appears that Vaughan has no known living descendants. He adopted his second wife’s three children, all of whom took Vaughan as their family name. The two daughters had descendants, none of whom have the family name Vaughan. I cannot find if the adopted son, William Vaughan, had children. John Vaughan had two brothers, both of whom have living descendants.

    • I’m researching Vaughan as I’m led to believe he was a descendent of my Mothers side of family. Do you know what Thomas Vaughans daughters were called? Was one called Winifred?

  4. Family folklore has it that we are decendants of John Vaughan. My father was born in Stockton and was Cedric Anthony Vaughan Johnson.

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