4 thoughts on “Dorman Long Sign

  1. Another (and much larger DL sign) is on the side of the big concrete hopper on the west side of the South Bank Coke Oves Battery and which faces the railwy line and the Black Path. As this plnat has been spared the TCP axe, it should still be in place for some years yet.

  2. As I live in London, I am a frequent vistor to Embankment tube station. In one of the overhead beams over the southbound platform can be seen the legend “Dorman Long & Co, Middlesbrough”.

    • I served my time at Dorman Long as a boilermaker/welder, I now live in Dunedin NZ and on our local dry dock by the wharf is a large steel RSJ bearing the Dorman Long name, it was great to see.

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