4 thoughts on “Ghost Sign – Guisborough

  1. The eastern gable extension facing over Redcar Bus Staion also has a nice old United Auto Services ad prmosting coaches ‘by day or night’ to ‘York, Doncastoer and London by the Great North Road’. There was also a big painted wall ad for Russell’s Malton Ales in the brickyard area of Brotton, alto not sure if it is still there now. Finally, if one looks at the tiling outside one of the doors to Windsor’s Bar in Windsor Road Saltburn, you will see a tiled logo for Bentey’s Yorkshire Brewery (BYB)

  2. Just remembered there is another similar sign up towards the church on the end of the Yorkshire Bank pointing the way to the old ‘Mart’ offices.

  3. Up until recently the old ‘Mermaid’ pub sign was up on the wall in the Tap ‘n’ Spile beer garden. I am not sure if it is still there today but hopefully it hasn’t been thrown out.

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