Skelton Green – Miners Accident Hospital

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Anyone who has read the “Cleveland Mining Incidents” series of books will know the injuries sustained underground could be horrific.

Miners Hospital, Skelton Green Miners Hospital, Skelton Green

Bulmers directory of 1890 list the following staff
Miners’ Hospital – Messrs. Merryweather & Dunn, medical officers

Kellys directory of 1909 lists the following staff

Skelton Cottage Miners Hospital – John Thorner. LRCP Edin, Surgeon.
Skelton Cottage Miners Hospital – Frederick P Wigfield MB, Surgeon.
Skelton Cottage Miners Hospital – Miss Clara Baldwin, Matron.
The hospital built in 1883 is now a private residence.

2 thoughts on “Skelton Green – Miners Accident Hospital

  1. Mt Great Grandad lost his left foot in an underground accident at Brotton Mine. He was taken to the Miners Hospital at Brotton which was still used as a hospital up into the 90s.

    He got some compensation and set himself up as a ‘Bookie’ working the racecourses down to York and up to Newcastle

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