Roman Signal Station – Huntcliff Saltburn

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An archaeological dig around 1911 / 1912 investigated the remains of a Roman signal station probably constructed in AD 367 and used until AD 390. A chain of these existed along the North Yorkshire coast to warn of coastal attack.

 Huntcliffe Roman Signal Station   Huntcliffe Roman Signal Station

A well was uncovered with the remains of 13 bodies inside, some artifacts from the dig are currently in the Whitby museum.

All traces of the site have now disappeared over the cliff due to erosion, and it doesn’t look like the information board will last much longer either.

4 thoughts on “Roman Signal Station – Huntcliff Saltburn

  1. I have visited Hunt Cliff several times this year ( Jan- July 2017 ) hill walking.The Information board is still there and in good condition and quite a safe distance from the cliff edge.

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