Forbes Buildings – Middlesbrough

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The Forbes Buildings were built around 1900 for John Forbes as a bakery with shops and stables.

Middlesbrough Forbes Building 

Forbes came from Aberdeen in 1875 and ended up being mayor of Middlesbrough in 1904, he also had some involvement in the Ironopolis football club (his son Albert Edward Forbes was also a director of Middlesborugh Football Club)

Middlesbrough Forbes Building

11 thoughts on “Forbes Buildings – Middlesbrough

  1. I remember going with my dad, who had a shop in North Ormesby, to collect freshly baked bread from Forbes on a Sunday morning. (They didn’t deliver on Sundays but our shop was open every day.) The smell of the baking bread was glorious!

  2. John Forbes was my Great Great Grandfather, would love to hear more memories about the family and business. I’m also looking for other Forbes decendants. please visit my tree at

    Thanks for sharing

    • We actually live in your great grandfathers house Albert Edward Forbes. We bought it 38 years ago from his wife Hilda May.

  3. Can anyone recall a fire at Forbes Buildings? I think in 70’s or 80’s. I lived nearby as a child and seem to remember this but the family is divided and we are struggling to find the answer. thanks

  4. I remember succulent pies bought from this building in the 1970’s which I recall were ‘Davison’s Pies ‘.Oval and deep in shape filled with tender Steak and gravy.The like has never been surpassed.

  5. John forbes was or is married to Jennifer Leighton they would have married in the late 60s .Jennifer’s father was Fred Leighton the Stockton librarian.
    John and Jennifer went to Canada and to Perth western Australia.
    They had a boy who I believe was part of a band touring Australia.
    The girl I’m not sure what happened to her
    Jennifer had MS I was told that in the 1997s

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