Amos Hinton Plaque, Middlesbrough

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Amos Hinton (1844 – 1919) is probably best known for founding the chain of Hintons stores which were absorbed into Presto in 1984 (and then in turn Safeway and Morrisons)

Conflicting adjacent plaques date the Corporation Road store which took over the site of Dr William Grieves Cleveland Academy to either 1886 or 1890. Hinton went on to be a Town Councillor, Alderman, leader of the Temperence Movement, a magistrate, Poor Law Guardian and Mayor of Middlesbrough in 1886
Amos Hinton Plaque, MiddlesbroughAmos Hinton Plaque, Middlesbrough
The original building (now the HSBC Bank) was largly destroyed by fire in 1986, luckily the Tomorrow History site has a drawing by the architect Robert Lofthouse

HSBC Middlesbrough

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  1. I was in the Town Hall for a meeting when the fire swept through this building. Afterwards, I noticed that the fire had led to the HSBC Fascia on the Albert Road side collapsing. Underneath and seemingly not really damaged was the original glass fronted and gold leafed Hinton’s sign. I seem to remember that MBC then took down the old sign for any reapirs but I don’t know what happened after that, Was it kept for posterity or was it simply re-absorbed back into the shell of the new building ? Perhaps someone knows.

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