Black Nab Alum Quarry – Saltwick Bay

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Little remains of Black Nab itself which will be completely lost to the sea at some point.
Black Nab - Saltwick Bay
The site below the cliffs is now heavily eroded and covered but its location can be seen on the first edition OS maps.

The most promenant remains are those of a harbour / breakwater below the actual quarry site, the quarry is thought to have been in use between 1649 and 1791.
Breakwater Saltwick Bay
The highlight is a 1766 datestone which has somehow survived nearly 250 years on the beach.

1766 Datestone Saltwick Bay
In the cliff at this location are the ‘Smugglers Holes’ its not really clear whether these actually relate to smuggling, the alum works or possibly jet mining (although my local expert on that tells me they are in the wrong strata)
Saltwick Bay
Saltwick Bay

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  1. We used to play in them, when i was a kid in the 70s. They go back about 10-15ft and look as if at onepoint they were joined together .a tunnel runs off at the opposite side, but we never went up it.

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