Pig and Whistle, Redcar

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The Pig and Whistle was demolished in 2001 when Redcar was redeveloped, Dave Woods has kindly contributed the following photos and his memories of the pub.

Pig and Whistle Redcar
The location for anyone who does not know was where Morrisons car park now stands just before the railway crossing.
Pig and Whistle Redcar
Not being brought up in Redcar and moving there in 1970 I don’t know too much about it’s early years. It was well liked for the quality of the beer pulled with a massive creamy head that they called a boiler. As you can see from the door it used the be The Alexandra Hotel in former years
Pig and Whistle Redcar
The original entrance on West Dyke Road can just be made out below the Fosters Lager sign
Pig and Whistle Redcar
The name Pig and Whistle, I was told years ago was a nickname for the place. The whistle from the trains and I’m assuming pigs nearby. People brought ornamental pigs from all over the world to give to the pub. Some of these can be seen in this photo taken in the bar.
Pig and Whistle Redcar
The landlord at the time told me that he had boxes and boxes full of pigs upstairs but had nowhere to put them. I wonder where they all are now. When the pub was relocated to Station Road as much as possible of the old bar woodwork was reinstalled there but to me it’s not like the old place.

Dave Woods.

As a footnote, I located these two photos of the Alexandra in 1935


4 thoughts on “Pig and Whistle, Redcar

  1. What a great little pub this was, was last there in 1981 when i was greeted by my favourite song of the time (You Can Ring My Bell).

  2. Was my local from 1974 to 1989. Enjoyed the atmosphere, beer of course and was near the Untied bus depot, where I worked (74 – 78). Most pubs have changed from the Pig and Whistle type where there was a lounge, snug and bar.

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