Fairy Dell, Gunnergate Hall, East of the Lake.

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Near the upper lake is a plaque showing Gunnergate Hall, the plaque says originally built by Charles Leatham in 1857 although other sources say it dates from the 1820s
It was later owned by Ironmaster John Vaughan and after his death by Middlesbrough shipbuilder and mayor Sir Raylton Dixon. It was unoccupied after 1901 although brought back into use as an army base during both World Wars, then unfortuantely demolished in 1946
Gunnergate Hall, Fairy Dell, Marton
The outline a boat house is visible next to the lake with an ornamental waterfall to the lower lake.
Boat House, Fairy Dell, Marton
Waterfall, Fairy Dell, Marton
Next to the lake is a bird hide constructed in 2007
Bird Hide, Fairy Dell, Marton
Bird Hide, Fairy Dell, Marton
Along with some more Steve Iredale carvings from felled trees
Carvings, Fairy Dell, Marton
Carvings, Fairy Dell, Marton

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  1. The hill where these benches are is part of the flood defence system for Middlesbrough. Any flood water coming down Marton West beck fills up Gunnergate Lake then if it rises over that is stopped and allowed to run controlled around the hill into the next pool.

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