Saltburn Cliff Hoist

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Before its well known cliff lift, Saltburn had a cliff hoist between 1870 and 1883.
Saltburn Cliff Hoist
The wooden structure built by John Anderson of the Saltburn Improvement Company dropped people 120 feet to the pier level and must have been a pretty intimidating journey.

The new plaque to mark the location was unveiled by Councillor Vera Rider on Thursday July 28 2011.

4 thoughts on “Saltburn Cliff Hoist

  1. Yes, I agree with Phil. I didn’t know that the ‘hoist’ had existed, but I’ve always thought the lift was very clever engineering, using water. Britain had some very clever engineers and bridge designers… It’s a pity we don’t STILL have them!

  2. Well we do still have great engineering skills all over the uk think of the falkirk wheel for example by the Butterley Company (admittedly closed recently after the financial downturn) and so much built by the the cleveland bridge uk ltd Theres lots to be amazed by and very proud of its all out there to be found

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