Orme The Viking, Ormesby Beck

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Orme The Viking is part of the Ormesby Beck landscaping project and was unveiled on April 30th 2012.

Orme The Viking
Orme The Viking

Orme being a viking word for serpent or dragon and the suffix “by” being common locally for a viking dwelling place.

Pupils at Berwick Hills Primary School designed the statue, outfit and weapons, and also the dragon seating.Dragon Seat

4 thoughts on “Orme The Viking, Ormesby Beck

  1. Thank you for sharing this page. I wish I had found this before my visit to Partney, North & South Ormsby in August 2017. Orme the Viking is an ancestor of mine. We are the New Zealand Ormsby’s. My regards to the children of Berwick Hills Primary School for a great design, and all who were involved in this project with the foresight to erect his statue. Arohanui from Aotearoa – New Zealand

  2. and now, sadly, Orme is sporting “graffiti” as part of his regalia. 🙁 Plus the area is almost a “no go area” now. I wouldn’t risk going there to take a picture of Orme.

  3. Cleveland was named by the Angles probably before Rome arrived, our Viking line started with them not the later tribes from Denmark who much later after landing in east Anglia marched north and re named what we now know as York. We do not and never have been part of the much later named area of Yorkshire. Please let our kids learn about their own ancient past, and let them know they live in the Angle named area called Cleveland.

    • absolutely correct heath. im from middlesbrough and a born and bred clevelander. i cannot identify with yorkshire. our true dna is viking cleveland and we should champion our glorious history. should be sign posted around the area. keep on flying the flag for our cleveland.

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