Oddfellows Hall, Loftus

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Oddfellows is a 200 year old friendly society still in existance today.
Bringing together people from different guilds and trades  they were important in the days before the welfare state.

Oddfellows Hall, Loftus

The hall dates from 1874 but was unused for many year and has since been converted to flats

2 thoughts on “Oddfellows Hall, Loftus

  1. I have just discovered that my great great grandfather JOHN RIPLEY was caretaker of the Odd Fellows Hall in Loftus late in his life. he was certainly living there in the caretaker’s House in 1901. he was a Quarryman. He died aged 80 in 1909 it seems. I wondered if any photos of him in this connection exist. He had certainly lived at Loftus since 1871 in various properties.

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