Captain Cook Pub, Middlesbrough

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The Captain Cook is a little lonely at the moment, stuck out in the partially redeveloped St Hildas area of Middlesbrough it closed in 2010.
Captain Cook, Middlesbrough
The pub is said to date from around 1840 and was designed by Robert Moore.
Captain Cook, Middlesbrough
The current facade is dated 1893 and features the Vaux breweries blackbird motif.
Captain Cook, Middlesbrough

9 thoughts on “Captain Cook Pub, Middlesbrough

  1. I have Alan Godfrey’s excellent historical map of the St Hilda’s area, which was the original town centre. Indeed for a period the town had two centres, with two town halls, two major churches etc which was very unusual. The story of the St Hilda’s area is included on the map and is a fascinating read. Hopefully the Captain Cook pub can be saved somehow – does anyone know what the plans are for it?

  2. had a nosy around the place last year. was opened for a day or two. smells of stale sex… it needs a good clean up. was nice to look around though.

  3. I first got to know the Captain Cook in the sixties while an apprentice at the gas board round the corner in Vulcan Street, it was like the Robin Hood the haunt of every type of person you were ever likely to meet, raucous and loud in that time, had many adventures and good times and learned a lot about life, sad to see that those days have passed. Is the Green Tree still down near the old baths?
    Thanks for the memories.

  4. Thomas Michael Craddy (a distant relative through the Craddy line) was a Licensed Victualler (Assistant or Landlord?) at this Pub in 1893. He was @26 at the time
    It would be interesting to see a picture of the building before 1893 to see the original design. Not the most elegant of buildings as it stands now, I think it needs careful development on either side to reduce it’s rather severe appearance.
    Good luck

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