2 thoughts on “Death Mask of Sir William Turner, Kirkleatham Almshouses

  1. I question the scientific basis of extrapolating a person’s height from their head size. If they did the same for you they’d conclude that you were 12 feet tall.
    (I’m saying you have a massive melon)
    I have a mate, Leigh, who is enormous but he has a tiny head like a pigeon.

    Death masks a super-creepy though, eh. Keep up the good work, mate!

  2. I remember this bust in the chapel of Sir William Turners Hospital. My grandmother worked as the Matron and lived on site in the mid to late 1950s. The chapel was magical to me, with gold leaf decoration and the names of the children carved into the woodwork. My grandmother was the person who discovered the museum on the first floor of the almshouses and reported it to the authorities. There were a great number of books, and in the museum was what I believed was the skin from a man’s back, and a unicorn’s horn (really a narwhal horn) and beautiful exotic birds in glass cases. A truly wonderful place!

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