Saltscar School Demolition, Redcar

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The old Saltscar School was demolished in March / April 2012.
The buildings only dated from 1960-63 but needed £1.7m to bring them back into use.
The site started life as Sir William Turners Grammar School, became Saltscar in 1975 which lasted until 1987 when it merged with Westfield to become West Redcar, although the two top years finished off here until 1989, finally in later years it was the Redcar Education Development Centre. The Architect was Julian Leatheart and Sons of London who specialised in cinemas.

Mike Drewery kindly provided me with this great set of photos of the demolition and some internal shots.

The floor of the gym was apparently of excellent quality.

3 thoughts on “Saltscar School Demolition, Redcar

  1. I used to play badminton in the evenings in the summer time. The floor was good but the sun streaming in the top windows meant we had to change ends halfway through each game to keep it even!

  2. hi i put up a good fight to keep this school alive for kids. the price to keep the school up to standard was made up by the local cummunist council. if they want rid they will do it. i organised the biggest reunion before the school closed for good. was a great success. however after when i tried to get support noone wanted to know.. the building needed 247.000 worth of work spending. the council tried to close it in 1997 but failed. it had a rewire and also all new redeveloped rooms. in fact it was in better condition than west redcars. also larger and next to the college. but the council havnt a clue. and kept the wreck of west redcar alive by sticking a faulse front on it…anyway the buildings gone. and ive learned to never stick my kneck out again….long live saltscar….also went on till 1991 not 1989….we also thaught for saltscar but bent robbo wanted the merge for his wage increase…….

  3. As a pupil of Sacret Heart (before it was demolished and relocated you can see the new building in the demolition photos the new red and white building) we used to do sports day on this colleges field and used to do badminton in the college hall it was quite big and was well cared for, was much better than our schools sports hall. We also used to do IT in the computer room upstairs in year 11.

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