Pybus Brothers, Roman Road, Middlesbrough

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Pybus Brothers were a chain of grocers based in Middlesbrough, the brothers were Thomas and William who setup the firm around 1900. They were known for roasting their own coffee and blending their own tea bags.
Pybus Brothers. Middlesbrough
Pybus Brothers had 13 branches across the area, mainly in Middlesbrough but also in Redcar, Saltburn and Norton. They were bought out by Newsfare in 1973.

The shop can just be made out on the extreme right of this old photo.
Pybus Brothers

10 thoughts on “Pybus Brothers, Roman Road, Middlesbrough

  1. So pleased to hear the Council have stepped in to halt the removal of my family’s name from the shop in Roman Road. I do hope they can have it and the balustrades replaced.
    Jean Freer (née Pybus)

    • Hi Jean, Just spotted your post, obviously over a year ago so you may not get this. I spotted it because I have just had framed a photograph which has in the background the Roman Road Pybus Brother’s shop. The photograph was found in my mother’s loft. It was taken by my late father who was a Police photographer and fingerprint specialist. It depicts a car accident in front of the shop in the evening and in winter with snow on the shop roof. It is an unusual photograph to have framed but quite striking. I was checking to see which shop it was and of course found the Roman Road story. It must have been taken around 1960, based on the vehicles. I would be interested if any body remembered the accident (Humber Hawk and white , probably Ford Van) and if you would like a copy. Regards Peter Moore

  2. My grandfather, Leo Widdop, managed the Linthorpe Road Shop in the 1930’s, maybe earlier, until he retired. I used to visit and loved to see the coffee grinders, butter slicers and sides of bacon on display. He was a grand gentleman, and on half day closing he and my grandmother, Florence used to take me to the pictures.

  3. Fond memories of the original shop in the 1960’s.It still retained its original interior with wooden floors,brass handrails and various aromas- particularly the coffee.
    It was sad to see it transformed into a an unoriginal and bland supermarket.

  4. Hi. I am Maureen Rowe. I worked at the linthorpe rd branch 63. To 65. It was my first job and I loved it. The manager was mr Whaley and I made some good friends there. I now live in Australia If anyone remembers me I would love to hear from you

    • Hello Maureen do you remember my fathers name Mr Maughan, he was accountant and buyer for Henry Pybus he often called into Roman Road branch although his office was above Linthorpe Road Branch ? Oh t wax a lovely shop

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