Trunk Road / Steel House Lake Flooding, Redcar

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Following the extensive flooding in the area on Monday 26th November, the area around Steel House on the Trunk Road remains flooded and closed two days later.
Here’s a shot of the lake outside Steel House which threathen to break its banks, although luckily it didn’t
Steel House (nearly flooded)
The lake empties into the Fleet and then to the Tees at Dabholm Gut, it also predate the building of Steel House and Dormanstown as it appear on earlier maps in West Coatham Marsh (so its perhaps not surprising to find its now flooding).

Theres also a now non-existant area marked as Wiley Bridge and some cottages which is where the stream that feeds the lake passes under West Coatham Lane (now Broadway) so pretty much under the now closed Dewhirsts Factory.

2 thoughts on “Trunk Road / Steel House Lake Flooding, Redcar

  1. The beck is still open along the back of Dewhirsts then under the road in the industrial estate and open again up to the Trunk Road.

  2. We found the photo of Wiley Cottages very interesting as my late mother in law lived in one as a child and had to go to the beck for water!! She used to talk a lot about these cottages (they were not very good) but all they could afford in those days.

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