Carlin How Working Mens Club and Insititute

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As most of Teesside is currently under water, i’ll have to find something in my archives.
Carlin How, Working Mens Club 1910
Carlin Hows Working mens club dates from 1910 which is recorded on the plaque outside.
Carlin How, Working Mens Club 1910
Apart from a modern addition on the left, its pretty much unchanged from when it was constructed.
Images from near its construction, 50th Jubilee Year and old interior can be found on the East Cleveland Image Archive

7 thoughts on “Carlin How Working Mens Club and Insititute

          • My maternal grandad moved from Hemsworth near Wakefield where he was the landlord of the Soldiers and Sailors club in around 1910 when my mam was 1/2 to become the landlord of Carlin How club. He was there until he moved round the corner to the Maynard arms.
            I have a couple photos if you can use them.

  1. The club is a reminder of the days when ironstone mining was undertaken in the Skinningrove valley. Usually the Institute building was one of the first non-mining structures built by the mine owners when establishing the community.

  2. I have just found on The Genealogist that Garnett and Basterfield were the proprietors of Carlin How Hall in 1913. My grandfather Benjamin Basterfield was a builder who lived in Brotton and had a general shop there. I have no idea about Mr. Garnett. Interesting.

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